Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome and RenderView Extensions for Maya 2011

Hello and welcome, here we have the brand new blog to be connected with my site. I intend to post updates of work, tidbits of things I find, and links to interesting and useful stuff.

As a kick off, I'd like to make a big shiny cardboard arrow and point it towards RenderView Extensions, a set of scripts you can download from CreativeCrash that make your Maya render view window better and easier to use.

I wanted a way to save all the snapshots I'd made in my render view at once (because I'm lazy and don't like wasting my time on repetitive tasks that I can automate), so I hunted around and stumbled across this which does all that and more (for only $0.00!).

The instructions in the folder are slightly confusing and buried halfway through the readme. Here are better ones:

1. The sz_renderView.mel file from the root directory, then the 3 mel files from the folder labled with the version of Maya you are using (renderWindowPanel.mel, mayaPreviewRender.mel, mentalrayPreviewRender.mel) go into the root of your scripts folder (whatever comes up when you run the mel command getenv "MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH";)

2. The appropriate icons for your version go straight into your icons folder(found by running the mel command getenv "XBMLANGPATH";).

3. Restart Maya

4. Profit

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